Waterproof Sheet Membranes

PVC (poly vinyl chloride) sheet goods are specially designed for nonslip waterproof walking surfaces on plywood or concrete. For a proper warranty, new select grade plywood must be used.  Concrete must be cured and if on grade, a plastic barrier must be present under the concrete to prevent hydrostatic pressure from pushing up the membrane.  PVC sheeting comes in various weights, textures and quality which affects life expectancy, usually from about 8 years to 20 years plus. It is important to choose a membrane without an abrasive surface to allow for ease of sweeping & mopping.  

Life expectancy is also directly related to how well the product is installed & the type of sealants used in critical areas such as around posts, drains, curbs & pony walls.  This seems to be a problem area with many new homes & is becoming a concern for new home warranties.  Many serious problems resulting from poor installations show up after just a few years , so not only is it important to use an approved quality product, but the installation is just as important.



Exterior Liquid Coatings

Take your pick……..acrylic, urethane, hypalon, epoxy-fiberglass. The most durable is urethane and also is most forgiving with installation conditions. Urethane is an excellent membrane choice under tile and pavers. Due to it not being the finished walking surface in this case, installation is much quicker

Also very durable is epoxy-fiberglass but is most critical with installation conditions requiring perfectly dry and warm conditions and the sub-surface must be absolutely clean and fresh.

The easiest to work with and most economical is acrylic.

Most of these fail due to poor or improper installation.

In order of cost from most economical: acrylic, hypalon, urethane, epoxy-fiberglass.



 Metal Cap Flashings

Made of galvanized steel for tops of wood railing or pony walls and deck curbs. Steel is preferred over aluminum because it is more rigid thus holding its shape better and is less susceptible to warping, rippling and denting. The paint is baked on for durability.

Where pony walls and curbs are involved, we highly recommend a self-adhering self sealing bitumen membrane be applied before the cap flashing is installed. There are other details to consider as well…. would like more info on this?…. give us a Tweet or email or even better, give us a call 250-883-2259.


Vinyl Cap Flashings

Wood top rails can be covered with rigid vinyl caps or vinyl sheet membrane making maintenance a breeze. Rigid vinyl is not the nicest looking but is great for taking abuse such as bumping of wheel chairs or bicycles.


Bad Details

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 Good Details

NOW here are some GOOD DETAILS which includes some rainscreen details:   again, if you see something of interest or wish to make an inquiry, send us an email or Tweet.




Click on the link below to see a Magazine Article by the Owner of Pro deck Ltd. posted Nov.2011 in the “Sol Plan Review” an excellent B.C. construction magazine featuring construction issues of the day.  Let us know what you think…. Your comments are welcome.

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