Rain Screen with Slideshow.

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rain screen

rain screen

Unique architects home in ‘Fernwood’ required full envelope off, i.e.. siding, windows, doors, deck membranes. Large west facing loft was leaking badly and large glass panels had all lost their thermal seal.  The east and north facing exterior walls had structural damage at the base plates. One deck was leaking into a bedroom below. There was further evidence of major envelope failure.

This building has little overhang requiring careful detail from top to bottom.  The owners decided to frame in the loft glassed area for a more efficient, easier to maintain system with large vented windows and skylights. This would allow it to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and still maintain exceptional light for the many art projects performed by the owners.

Click the link below to see a short slideshow on this full rain screen job:




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